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Cambridge Intensive School of English
(OISE Cambridge)

Executive Courses for Professional Purposes

Who is this course for?

All those who need to develop fluent language skills for frequent use within a business and professional environment.

Your specific language goals
· to take part in business discussions
· to make presentations and conduct meetings
· to talk with confidence on the telephone
· to write accurate and informative reports, letters and faxes
· to broaden business-related vocabulary
· to hold informal conversations with business colleagues How OISE will help you achieve your goals

Executive Courses for Professional Purposes
Start:every Monday
Duration:any number of weeks
Minimum duration:one week
Course prices per week
All courses include host family accommodation
30 Tutorial lessons
20 Tutorial + 15 Quatorial lessons
1 week1170
2-3 weeks1115
4-7+ weeks1065
· Participants can choose to increase or decrease the number of Tutorial lessons +/- £160 per week per 5 lessons

The course offers a complete programme of studies from 9am to 6pm. It consists of either a full individual programme (6 Tutorial lessons per day) or a combined individual and small group programme (4 Tutorial lessons and 3 Quatorial lessons per day). Both programmes include time for personal preparation work, consolidation work, research and multi-media assignments.

Typically the course covers:
· review of the grammar points still needing attention to develop accuracy in the use of the language
· development of the vocabulary used in business situations including small talk for cross-cultural bonding
· interactive and dynamic oral practice sessions to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex language structures
· comprehension practice to help participants acquire a comfortable understanding of a written document or a spoken presentation, be it of a general nature or business-related
· role-plays to stimulate a wide range of business scenarios including presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations and meetings

Throughout the programme students are actively encouraged to express their opinions as they would in their own workplace.