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Oxford Intensive School of English
(OISE Cambridge)

Language and Cultural Awareness Programme (long stay)

Who is this course for?

Students taking a year or term out from their studies to achieve a high level of fluency together with the cultural awareness required to feel at home in the company of native English speakers.

Your specific language goals
· to absorb the culture of the country
· to gain confidence in the language
· to develop accuracy in grammar and syntax
· to understand a written document (an article, a letter, a book)
· to expand vocabulary (word-building, expressions, idioms)
· to hold a conversation and understand a variety of accents

Language and Cultural Awareness Programme
(long stay)
Start:every Monday
Duration:12 weeks+
Minimum duration:12 weeks
All courses include host family accommodation
25 Octorial lessons (per week)
1 term
12 weeks
2 terms
24 weeks
3 terms
36 weeks
· Participants can choose to increase or decrease the number of Tutorial lessons +/- £160 per week per 5 lessons

How OISE will help you achieve your goals

This programme allows the student to experience the advantages of a long period of study in the chosen country.

Living and learning in the native-speaking environment for a term or longer gives students the opportunity to develop cultural awareness, which is fundamental to becoming bilingual.

Students are exposed to a structured programme of studies:
· purpose-designed grammar drilling exercises to develop the ability to write accurately in a range of styles and registers
· interactive and dynamic oral practice sessions encourage the students to speak and express opinions in the language, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms, as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex language structures
· comprehension skills are developed using a wide variety of carefully selected written texts including newspaper and journal articles and literary texts
· listening exercises of authentic materials to enable students to sharpen their comprehension skills, improve their pronunciation and increase their ability to think in the language
· themed study assignments in literature, history, politics, etc. for insight and understanding of the cultural fabric of the country