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Oxford Intensive School of English
(OISE Cambridge)

Lesson Format

Individual attention in a choice of lesson formats

The student chooses the level of individual attention:
Tutorial: a lesson alone with the teacher
Quatorial: a lesson shared with up to 3 other students
Octorial: a lesson as part of a small group of 8 students maximum
Combination Courses: Mix Tutorials with Quatorials or Octorials

Lesson types can be combined.
For example, a student can choose part of the course as Tutorial and part as Quatorial or Octorial.

Tutorial Lessons

OISE Tutorial

With this option, the teaching programme is based entirely on individual lessons. This means that the tutor's attention is focused on one student, and allows for a perfect match between lesson content and the learning requirements of the student.

The Tutorial also enables teaching methods to be adapted to the learning style of and pace at which the student can successfully learn. Tutorial tuition thus ensures that maximum progress is made in a short period of time.


Quatorial Lessons

OISE Quatorial

Lessons take place in small groupsof a maximum of 4 students per teacher. The Quatorial provides high levels of individual attention within a small, dynamic learning unit. The low number of students means that the tutor is able to address fully the linguistic needs and objectives of each participant. The Quatorial is also a highly interactive learning environment where the emphasis is on communication and information exchange.


Octorial Lessons

OISE Octorial

With this option, lessons are given in small groups maximum of 8 students. This structure allows the teacher to monitor the work and progress of each student within the dynamics of a group learning environment. Research has shown that 8 participants is the ideal number for an intensive group learning experience.


Combination Programmes

OISE Combination

The combination approach enables participants to benefit from the interactive group dynamics of either Quatorial or Octorial lessons and the individual attention of a personal tutor in the Tutorial lessons. Students may combine lessons to suit their own requirements, with a minimum of 10 lessons per week and a maximum of 45 lessons per week.

During the peak period some Tutorial lessons may take place off-site either at the tutor's home or in school accommodation very close to OISE Cambridge.

The OISE teaching style: results-driven
OISE lessons are based on the premise that clear aims and hard work yield the best results. All lessons are taught in the OISE house style, the essential features of which are:
· transparent objectives, clearly identified at the beginning of each lesson
· focus on key language skills and language learning strategies
· appropriate time limits set for each activity
· a pace calculated to challenge the learner at all times
· interaction between teacher - student (and student - student as appropriate)
· private study exercises, which consolidate classroom activities and preparation time to maximise the benefits of the lesson
· feedback on progress achieved at the end of lessons.