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OISE exam courses

Oxford Intensive School of English
(OISE Cambridge)

Examination preparation programme

Who is this course for?

School leavers, university students and anyone who needs an internationally recognised qualification.

Your specific language goals
· to practise working under exam conditions
· to achieve accuracy in grammar and syntax
· to understand a wide range of written information (texts, books, newspapers)
· to express thoughts, ideas, opinions confidently and fluently
· to acquire a wide range of vocabulary including idioms and expressions

Examination preparation programme
Start:every Monday
Duration:any number of weeks
Minimum duration:one week
Examination course prices per week
All courses include host family accommodation

Option 1
25 Octorial lessons
1 week480
2-7 weeks430 per week
8-12 weeks415 per week
13+ weeks395 per week
This option is suitable only for those participants preparing for the Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE) immediately prior to the examination dates.

Option 2
10 Tutorial lessons + 25 Octorial lessons
1-3 weeks800 per week
4-7 weeks750 per week
8-12 weeks735 per week
This option is suitable for preparation for all examinations. Specific examination preparation is done in the Tutorial lessons and language development and practice is done in the Octorials.

Participants can choose to increase or decrease the number of Tutorial lessons +/- £160 per week per 5 lessons

How OISE will help you achieve your goals

Lessons are fast-paced and dynamic. Challenging instruction, which constantly pushes the student to achieve new language learning goals, is combined with individual attention which ensures that students make maximum progress, and remain focused on their exam objective.

The programme is carefully designed to focus on:

Grammatical accuracy
To ensure that students write and speak the language without error. Exercises in class are consolidated by 1-2 hours of preparation work per day giving the student the opportunity to practise and reinforce the grammar learnt each day.

Confidence in speaking
Studying a wide range of written material including newspaper articles and extracts from literature produces lively debate amongst students, giving them the opportunity to increase their confidence in speaking the language.

Clear understanding
Frequent listening exercises of authentic materials enable students to sharpen their comprehension skills, improve their pronunciation and increase their ability to think in the language.

Exam conditions familiarisation
Students are familiarised with the exam by working on real past papers under timed conditions.