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English Courses

General English Courses in England

General English - Intensive and Semi-intensive

This is the most popular choice among people looking for a complete English course.

General English Courses

It is the most flexible of all courses as you can start on almost any Monday and can stay from one week to as long as you have time to spend.

You can choose to do an Intensive or a Semi-intensive course.

What's the difference?
On semi-intensive courses you will have classes five mornings a week and more time free to do other things in the afternoons. On intensive courses you would have morning classes as well as another eight to twelve afternoon classes depending on the centre and your specific course timetable.

Do an Intensive (or Semi-intensive) English course at:

Bell Centres
OISE - Career Start Course
Cambridge Centre for English Studies - Intensive
Cambridge Centre for English Studies - Semi-intensive
Sussex English Language Centre - Intensive
Sussex English Language Centre - Semi-intensive