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Cambridge Centre for English Studies

English: Summer Course

What is the Summer Course?
The Summer Course offers 20 teacher-led lessons every weekday morning. Lessons run from 9:30am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. The twenty lessons each last 45 minutes and are all taught by CCES' experienced and qualified EFL teachers.

English: Summer Course
LevelsElementary - Advanced
Lessons/week20 x 45 mins
Class sizeAverage 10-12
Start DateAny Monday
Monday - Friday09.30 - 13.00
1 - 4 weeks£160 per week
5 - 11 weeks£150 per week
12 weeks or more£140 per week
Books and stationary£15
Organised afternoon activities every weekday (5 per week) and 1 evening activity per week

Excursions offered every weekend (not included in the course price)

When is this course offered?
This course will be offered by the school from the middle of June 2003 until the beginning of September. Students can begin on any Monday and stay from 1 to 12 weeks.

What are the advantages of the Summer Course?
The Summer Course is ideal for people who want to improve their English in the morning and then enjoy the beauty and fun of Cambridge in the afternoon. As well as the full curriculum offered during the lessons, there is a busy and well-loved Social Programme offered to all students.

What is the Social Programme?
At the beginning of each week the school's social organisers give each student a copy of the Social Programme. The Programme consists of five afternoon activities, as well as one evening activity for that week. These activities are optional but are always very popular with students. Students can also sign up for full day excursions on Saturday and Sunday. These excursions cost extra, but are safe and fun ways to explore other parts of England. The trips run to such places as London, York and Stonehenge.

How will you know what class to put me in?
At the very beginning of your course, your level of English will be assessed thoroughly and you will be placed in the appropriate class for your level.

Can I take English exams on the Summer Course?
Cambridge Examinations are not offered during the summer. However, students can enrol to sit the IELTS examination, which takes place every Friday in Cambridge. Students who wish to take an IELTS examination during the summer are advised to apply to the school as quickly as possible, as the summer period is very busy.

What levels of English are taught on the Summer Course?
The school offers Summer Course lessons at all levels from Elementary to Advanced. However, there are no courses for complete beginners. Complete beginners should consider having individual tuition to teach them enough English to enter the Elementary class.