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Cambridge Centre for English Studies

English: Intensive Course

The Intensive Course is divided into two parts.

In the morning, students follow the syllabus and structure of the coursebook that has been assigned to each class. There are also group communicative activities and skills' practice lessons.

English: Intensive
LevelsElementary - Advanced
Lessons/week28 x 45 mins
Class sizeAverage 10-12
Start DateAny Monday
Monday - Friday09.30 - 13.00
Monday - Thursday14.00 - 15.30
Full Term
Spring Term*
12 weeks
Summer Term*
12 weeks
*12 organised afternoon & evening activities each term
Shorter Term
1 - 4 weeks£190 per week
5 - 11 weeks£180 per week
12 weeks or more£170 per week
Books and stationary£15
Long Term
6 Months
(2 terms)
10% **
9 Months
Academic Year
(3 terms)
15% **
**Discounts only apply to total tuition fees

In the afternoon, students and teachers work together to reinforce the work that has been done in the morning. The lessons are designed to give students a much deeper understanding of English language and culture.

What subjects are covered in the electives?
In the elective lessons, important areas such as pronunciation, intonation and accentuation are stressed. Exam practice and coaching is also given. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, for example, students can choose between Business English or Academic English, depending on their interests.

When can I join the Intensive Course?
The Intensive Course runs throughout the academic year. Students can join the Intensive Course on any Monday. You can attend as long as you need. This is because each course is divided into weekly units making it possible for you to attend a section of a course.

What are the advantages of the Intensive Course?
Our Intensive Course is designed for students who want an in-depth English Language course. The course offers a demanding 21-hour week for students who want to improve their English quickly and successfully. It is an ideal course for students taking English examinations.

What levels of English are taught on the Intensive Course?
The school offers Intensive Course lessons at all levels from Elementary to Advanced. However, there are no courses for complete beginners. Complete beginners should consider having individual tuition to teach them enough English to enter the Elementary class. At the very beginning of your course, your level of English will be assessed thoroughly and you will be placed in the appropriate class for your level.

Can I take English exams on the Intensive Course?
The Intensive Course is ideal for students wishing to take examinations. Specific examination practice is given for all levels of the Cambridge examinations. If you would like to take an exam while studying at CCES, please contact us, so that we can advise you when the exams are going to take place .

What happens when I finish my course?
At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed a course with the Cambridge Centre for English Studies, as well as a written report from your tutors which will include a progress assessment and recommendations for your future studies.