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Cambridge Centre for English Studies

Total Immersions and Combination courses

What are Total Immersion Courses and who are they designed for?
CCES Total Immersion Courses are very intensive courses of English Language designed to help a client make a maximum of progress in his or her English Language ability in a minimum of time.

Total Immersion courses are one or two weeks in duration and combine individual lessons (30 hours per week) with out of the classroom usage (15 hours per week).

Total Immersion Courses
LevelsElementary - Advanced
Lessons/week30 hours
Duration1 - 2 weeks
One week£1500
Two weeks£2700
30 hrs individual tuition per week

15 hrs out of classroom use with teachers on the course per week. All meals and host family accommodation included.

How individual will a Total Immersion Course be?
The course of individual lessons is designed specifically for the client. Out of the classroom usage can also be designed specifically for the client. If a client is interested in High Tech businesses we can arrange a visit to one of the many High Tech companies in Cambridge. If a client wishes to play tennis we can arrange for him or her to play tennis at the local Cambridge Tennis club.

Although every Total Immersion Course is individually designed, there are five broad aims which each Course follows. You can also look at a example timetable which will show you how the course is set out. The timetable will open in a new browser window.

What does the 'out of classroom' usage consist of?
Although these activities vary depending on the needs and wants of the client, 'out of classroom' usage typically follows this pattern:

During the course, each day the client is taken out to lunch at the school's expense to a different restaurant, pub or eating place. The school's location in the centre of the historic city means we are surrounded by excellent and varied eating places.

Two evenings a week the client is taken out at the school's expense to a play, a film, a pub evening or a comedy show often with other students of the same level and each week there are two excursions in which the client is taken to a place of historic interest again at the school's expense.

In all cases a teacher accompanies the client who is well aware of the client's course work, English needs and targets. For example, if a client has 'recurrent' mistakes which are being treated with 'instant correction' during the individual lessons, this will continue in the 'out-of classroom' usage.

If I spend so much time in one-to-one tuition, how will I practise understanding different English speakers?
We have at least four different teachers working with the same student so that the client has four different 'voices' that he or she has to understand. The 15 hours of accompaniment is also an important part of the course as it gives the client an opportunity to practise 'real world', 'out-of-the-classroom' usage in a variety of situations.

What kind of accommodation do you offer on your Total Immersion Courses?
For their accommodation, clients can stay with specially chosen host families or in good hotels in Cambridge.

We don't necessarily recommend host family accommodation for our Total Immersion Courses as the intensive nature of the course often means it is good for the client to have their own time at the end of each day which makes hotel accommodation appropriate.

The course price includes host family accommodation. If a client chooses hotel accommodation, £120.00 should be deducted per week.

Which companies' employees have benefited from your Total Immersion Courses?
We are currently running Total Immersion Courses for senior managers from companies such as Agrevo, Jacob Suchard, Microsoft, Yves St Laurent, Thermos France, Diäko, SmithKine Beecham (Milan) and Norton Healthcare.

How can I find out more about the Total Immersion Courses?
If you are interested in a tailor-made, intensive English Course, please contact the school and we can send you further details of the course, including a course proposal for your perusal.

Combination Courses
LevelsElementary - Advanced
Lessons/weekDepends on options selected
Duration1 - 2 weeks
Morning Classes in groups£120 +
+ Individual Tuition
£30 per hour
Books & Stationary£15
Combination of morning class tuition and afternoon individual lessons.

The Total Immersion Course seems a little too intensive for me. Is there an alternative?
CCES also offers Combination Courses. These mix class tuition with a programme of individual tuition. The client joins one of our English classes at the appropriate level for the morning lessons and then each afternoon we provide 2 or 3 hours of specially tailored individual tuition. The number of hours of individual lessons can be chosen by the client.