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Cambridge Centre for English Studies


Where will I be living?
The Accommodation Officer at Cambridge Centre for English Studies will happily find you somewhere to live while you are following any of the full-time English Language Courses at the school.

3 Types of Accommodation are available:

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Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation
Single Room£95 per week
Shared Room£85 per week
Includes breakfast and evening meals.

CCES is very aware how important it is to provide the right homestay accommodation for its students. For this reason, if you choose to stay in someone's home, you can be assured that CCES uses only the very best homes to be found in Cambridge.

All CCES homestays are warm, very friendly and welcoming to their students. They are experienced in having English Language students in their homes and are always responsive to their students' needs.

Homestay accommodation is available both for those students studying during the Academic Year and also the Summer Courses. In the homes, students will have a single or a shared room according to their choice, a bed, a wardrobe and a desk or table to work on.

Breakfast and evening meals are provided, as well. Breakfast is usually cereal, coffee or tea and toast with jam or marmalade and butter. Evening meals are two courses, a meat or fish dish with an assortment of vegetables followed by fruit or dessert. If you have any allergies or any specific food requirements (eg vegetarian, kosher, halal), please indicate this on the application form.

All CCES homestay accommodation is between 10 and 30 minutes walk from the school. During the busy summer period this distance from the school may be further. The school however is located only a two-minute walk from the central bus station and therefore it is very easy to get to the school by bus.

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Hotel Accommodation

Hotel & Guest House Accommodation
Hotel Roomfrom £35 per night*
Guest Housefrom £25 per night*
*Includes breakfast.

If a student prefers, CCES can arrange accommodation in one of the many guest houses and hotels in the city. Rates range from £25.00 per night to £110.00 per night depending on the quality of hotel or guest house.

CCES uses four hotels in particular: The Royal Cambridge Hotel, the Arundel House Hotel, the Lensfield Hotel and the Sorrento Hotel. All offer CCES students large discounts.

CCES especially recommend hotel accommodation to students taking the Total Immersion Courses. This is because the intensive nature of the Total Immersion Courses can be especially tiring if the student cannot 'take a break' from communicating in English at the end of a day of total immersion in the language.

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Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation
Student Room£75 per week**
**No meals included.
Kitchen facilities.

During the Summer Period when both Cambridge University and Anglia University are on vacation, student hostel accommodation is available.

Generally, the rooms have a shower room and a toilet ensuite, or access to a bathroom and toilet, as well as access to a kitchen which is shared with five other students. The rooms are well-proportioned and comfortable.

The University accommodation agencies that organise these rooms require a deposit (returned at the end of the student’s stay) as well as the total accommodation fees to be paid before the student arrives in Cambridge.

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