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Cambridge Centre for English Studies

Individual Tuition (One-to-One)

Can I take a course of One-to-One lessons?
Yes. This is particularly suited if you have very specific English needs or only have certain times available during the week for study. After a consultation with you in which we discuss your English needs and a learning strategy, we set clear language targets and arrange the lessons to be at a time and over a period which is right for you.

Individual Tuition
LevelsElementary - Advanced
Lessons/weekYou decide
Class sizeOne
DurationYou decide
Price per hour£32
Individual tuition packages begin at £32.00 per hour, depending on your particular requirements.

Do I have to take a certain number of lessons?
You can take as many or as few lessons as you wish. Most students who choose to study a one-to-one programme, however, choose definite courses which have been devised in blocks of 10, 15 or 20 lessons. For more intensive one-to-one course see the Total Immersion and Combination Courses.