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Language School Accreditation

British Council Accreditation

The English in Britain Accreditation Scheme
Members of the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme are regularly inspected by the British Council. On meeting the demanding standards of quality they are accredited and can consequently use the British Council marque.

Regular inspections (including unannounced visits) ensure standards of management, teaching, resources and welfare are maintained and improved.

What is checked on during an inspection visit?

A typical inspection covers many areas of operation, especially:

# appropriately qualified teachers
# teaching which meets the Scheme standards
# accommodation, including homestays, which is regularly inspected and meets Scheme standards
# 24-hour supervision of juniors
# safe premises, with properly-equipped classrooms and areas for relaxation
# brochures and publicity materials which accurately reflect what is provided
# proper emergency procedures, known to staff and students

What guarantee does this give me as a student?
All centres that are accredited by the British Council are inspected on a regular basis. This in itself is a guarantee of the quality of the organisation, the teaching, teaching staff, resources and the student's welfare and safety.

If there is any kind of problem with you course/school/accomodation, you should first speak to the School Principal, Owner or Director of Studies. If your problem is not satisfactorily resolved, contact the Accreditation Unit, in detail in writing to:

Accreditation Unit
The British Council
Bridgewater House
58 Whitworth Street
M1 6BB

E-mail: accreditation.unit@britishcouncil.org

For more detailed information, visit the British Council website.