LEARNING AND FUN - outside the classroom

A full and varied social, sports and activity programme keeps you happy and occupied.

Social programme

Your language learning is much more fun and active through the afternoon and evening programme of social activities, sports events, educational visits and excursions. We like you to take part in as many social activities as you can because it helps you to practise your English.

We make sure there is something for everyone -
aerobics  cookery  discos  fashion shows  karaoke evenings  roller skating  treasure hunts  quizzes  cinema trips

But we also understand that older students may want to spend some time on their own, so some activities are optional. Students over 12 years old are allowed to go to the nearby village or town to do their own shopping or sight-seeing if they sign out and go with at least 2 other students.

Sports programme

Each centre has a wide range of sports facilities, supervised by qualified staff. Your course provides a full programme of sports and activities to appeal to the various age groups.

Excursion programme

The varied excursion programme is an important part of your ‘Learning by Doing’ English course. The excursions - such as visits to castles, trips to museums or historical town walks - are prepared for and followed up in class. Your teachers take you to England's great cities such as London, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Norwich or Brighton.

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