The 'Learning by Doing' approach
has 3 parts, A B C, which are linked
Part A - Language lessons
Part B - Learning through . . . .
Part C - Excursions

Part A - Language lessons

1. Grammar, vocabulary and communication
In class you improve your grammar and vocabulary through activities that bring the language to life. You develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You practise these through a wide range of learning activities both inside and outside the class.
2. Projects
During your course, you work on a project in your group. You learn team work, build on your speaking and listening skills and produce something that demonstrates your progress in English to other classes and to your parents. You learn -
 research skills
 presentation skills
 social skills
 intercultural skills

Part B - Learning through . . . .

 Special Interest Classes
Select one with your teachers from a range of subjects
 Plus Options
Choose an option to follow as an additional element to your programme when you register
 Activity Programme
Choose activities on a daily basis and mix with English children on some courses
 Themed Study
Gain real life experience of the themes studied in the language lessons through local visits
 Special Modules
These are designed to improve your academic skills and exam techniques depending on the course you choose

Part C - Excursions

Visiting places of historical or cultural interest is part of your course, and - depending on where your course is and how long it is - you also visit one or more of -
 the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge
 the Roman cities of Bath and Colchester
 Brighton - the Regency Pavilion, pier and beaches
 Warwick Castle - one of England's oldest castles, with its superb Madame Tussaud’s wax work exhibition of historical people through the centuries
 Stratford-on-Avon - birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Everyone spends a day in London.

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