COURSES: British Life & Culture

British Life & Culture - Ages 13-17

25 hours of lessons/programmed activities each week
Part A - Language lessons - 15 hours
Part B - Themed Study - 10 Hours
Part C - Excursions

These are challenging courses for bilingual and advanced level students. The courses focus on life, literature and culture through workshops, discussion groups, project work and visits.

Part A - Language lessons - 15 hours
Grammar, vocabulary, communication skills

Part B - Themed Study - 10 Hours
Your choice of modules are:
Visits provide real life experience of the themes studied on the programme. The course focuses on the university and the city of Cambridge.

Part C - Study Tours
This course typically includes a trip to London with an overnight hotel stay, excursions to Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick Castle, Nottingham or Norwich, and also visits to places of local cultural importance, for example, Ely Cathedral, the Fitzwilliam Museum, an art gallery or magistrate’s court.

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