COURSES: Academic English

Academic English - Ages 12-17

21 hours of lessons/programmed activities each week
Part A - Language lessons - 15 hours
Part B - Special Modules - 6 Hours
Part C - Excursions

This is for serious students who want intensive class-based development of their language knowledge and for students who are going to be educated in an English speaking school or college.

Part A - Language lessons - 15 hours
15 hours a week Grammar, vocabulary, communication skills

Part B - Special Modules - 6 hours
 Exam Preparation - IELTS, TOEFL, PET, FCE, CAE (subject to demand)
 English literature
 Cultural life in England

Part C - Excursions
Bell Saffron Walden - 1 half-day a week, and 1 full-day in London for continuing students.
The Leys School - 2 full-day (including London) and 3 half-day excursions

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