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English Language Courses and Centres in England

On these pages you will find details of English courses and centres in England. Each centre has been carefully selected for its outstanding quality, the variety of courses offered and the guarantees they offer.

All centres are accredited by the British Council.

Courses 2007/8
General English Courses

General English - This is the most popular choice among people looking for a complete English course. You can choose to do an Intensive or...more

Exams Courses

Exam Courses. From Cambridge exams like First Certificate of English (FCE), Advanced, Proficiency, to IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC ...more

Academic year

Academic Year - Long Stay. If you want or need to enter a British university, or to get a solid English language background,... more

Summer Vacation Courses

Summer and Vacation Courses. Combine a trip to England with an English course from one week to ten or twelve weeks, you decide!....more

Young Learners

Young Learners. English courses for younger learners (aged 8-17). Learning through classes, activities with excursions. Supervised residential courses... more

Business English Courses

Business English. If you need English in your work or a business English qualification as part of your academic studies or ... more

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Centres 2007/8
Bell Cambridge

Bell Centre Cambridge With its extensive grounds, this school offers excellent facilities in a wonderful setting. High standards of teaching... more

OISE Cambridge

OISE,Cambridge Part of the Oxford Intensive School of English group, their reputation for professionally run courses with reduced group sizes (4 or 8)... more


Cambridge Centre for English Studies. In the very heart of Cambridge, this school is ideal for students and young adults who want to... more


Sussex English Language School, Worthing. On the south coast, this school offers excellent value whilst maintaining the highest standards of teaching... more


London. Why not do your course in maybe the world's most cosmopolitan city? Or, of course, there's Bristol, or Bath, or Oxford... more

Teacher Homestay

Teacher Homestay. Intensive 1-1 courses where you stay at your teacher's house. Ideal for business executives (with or without their spouses)... more

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